Icelandic Volcanic Ash Forecasts, Imagery and Observational Data

Forecasts Remote Imagery Observations and Webcams

Met Office London VAAC

North Atlantic/European Volcanic Ash Forecasts

London VAAC Atlantic/European Ash Concentration Forecasts / Europe Area

London VAAC 5 Day Ash Concentration Outlook Charts

ECMWF Plume Dispersion Forecast (not current)

Weatheronline Volcanic Ash page

Meteosat 9 RGB Dust/Ash / Animation

Icelandic AVHRR imagery

RADAR data / 2

2010 Ash dispersion animation (MSG SEVIRI IR 10.8µm
) from May 6th

Eruption Activity - via Icelandic Met Office

Grímsvötn Seismic Activity / Previous 15 days

Eyjafjallajökull Seismic Activity

Bardabunga 3d sesimic activity

Volcano aviation colour state

Eruption Images

Reference Material

Volcanoes of Iceland and the Arctic Ocean

Iceland Chronicles

Updated December 7, 2015